Direct Backendless Database Access from Retool does not work

Hello and I hope you had great Christmas holidays,

I tried to connect Retool with Backendless based on How to Integrate Retool but my Query failed with Server does not respond

My query is build like the one in the blog article with

I tried it with my Backendless subdomain instead of as well.

The Table consists of 10 records only and should be listed in a table in Retool.

Any idea what I have done wrong?

Regards, Joerg

Hello @Jorg_Beyer

Your request should look like one of the following


Hi Joerg,

Looks like your app is in the EU cluster. As a result, The API endpoint should be either what Inna described above OR using the following domain:


Hi all,

what about the AppID and the REST Api Key? No need to use in the URL?

Regards, Joerg

No need if you use a subdomain. More on this is available in the documentation: