"Disconnect" reusable component instance to break it up again

Reusable components are great… but once a component is reusable, it cannot be re-used as the basis for some other new component. For example, creating a modal template with a set of containers, blocks, buttons, etc cannot be used as a template for other modals… because one cannot put new components inside of a reusable component without affecting all instances of that reusable component. So to make a new modal with different content, we have to re-create the modal template from scratch (since there is no copy/paste for components across pages). So, a feature which which would be super useful:

An option to take the instance of a reusable component and make it not be a reusable component anymore. That is to say, break it up again into it’s individual components, doing the opposite of what the “make reusable” button does.

Thank you for this feedback. An internal ticket has been created BKNDLSS-31091. We will research this.

Best Regards, Nikita.