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Disk Space showing much more then I'm using

(Robert J) #1

Im not sure where the data is being used.

App Id : 4F9638A6-2A57-F1A8-FF6D-5C9717766B00
Im still in development, but would like to find this out before i release.

(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Robert,

I requested our SysOps team to create a report for the file repo.


(Mark Piller) #3

The information reported by console is not correct. The file space is used by less than 3MB. We will look into it further to see where the discrepancy is.


(Robert J) #4

Cool thanks for digging into it.

(spectrum aula) #5

Hi, I’m having the same issue, could you guys fix my console please?
App ID: 280929B7-BA13-D835-FFF2-4143975AC100

(Mark Piller) #6

Thank you for reporting the problem. We’re working on a resolution.

(spectrum aula) #7

ok, thanks