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I have content with html codes in the database. How can I display this content? When using the Text and Paragraph components the html codes are shown.

Hello @Tom_Van_den_Eynde

Unfortunately there is no such ability, however there is an internal ticket (BKNDLSS-23066) to add it

Regards, Vlad

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I hope it will be implemented soon (together with an html editor) as it severely limits the type of applications that can be built.

I agree with you

btw, you can edit Paragraph’s content HTML

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve added the Paragraph component to a page but I only see the binded content, not the editor. How can I get to see the editor? Is there an overview of all the components in the documentation? I only seem to find SDK related documentation…

when you select the component there is a “pencil” icon, it opens the editor

At this moment we’ve got only video tutorials

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Great! No problem. Thx!!!

Ok but that means the html editor is not available at runtime??

yes, it’s not at this moment

Hello, @Tom_Van_den_Eynde

We’ve implemented the ability mentioned above. Now you can use this feature by “Content logic” handler.


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Muchas gracias!!

How is this implemented? Where is it documented?

How is this implemented?

In a nutshell - we get your HTML as raw text, and create a “virtual DOM tree”. Clean it from everything that could cause an XSS attack, and paste it into real DOM.

Where is it documented?

Documentation is in progress now. But it works the same as a common content handler - you pass the text or html - and it’s rendered as text or html.

Simple example:

Regards, Dima.