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Display html content

I have content with html codes in the database. How can I display this content? When using the Text and Paragraph components the html codes are shown.

Hello @Tom_Van_den_Eynde

Unfortunately there is no such ability, however there is an internal ticket (BKNDLSS-23066) to add it

Regards, Vlad

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I hope it will be implemented soon (together with an html editor) as it severely limits the type of applications that can be built.

I agree with you

btw, you can edit Paragraph’s content HTML

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve added the Paragraph component to a page but I only see the binded content, not the editor. How can I get to see the editor? Is there an overview of all the components in the documentation? I only seem to find SDK related documentation…

when you select the component there is a “pencil” icon, it opens the editor

At this moment we’ve got only video tutorials

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Great! No problem. Thx!!!

Ok but that means the html editor is not available at runtime??

yes, it’s not at this moment

Hello, @Tom_Van_den_Eynde

We’ve implemented the ability mentioned above. Now you can use this feature by “Content logic” handler.


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Muchas gracias!!