Documentation error or misunderstanding

In the iOS documentation for LoadRelationsQueryBuilder it states:

Name of the related property to load. For example, if table employees has a relation column homeAddress pointing to an object in the Address table, the value of the parameter would be homeAddress . The syntax allows to add relations of relations. For example, if the same Address table has a relation country pointing to the Country table, then homeAddress .country would instruct the backend to load the related Country object.

but the function only accepts a single string and not an array of strings for the relations parameter. So how would I be able to add relations of relations?

hello @David_Thompson

you can use LoadRelationsQueryBuilder only for Two Steps Retrieval approach. And in this case you are not able to get relations of relations. If you use Two Steps Retrieval, then you retrieve relations, and with other requests retrieve relations for relations.

You can get objects with relations using Single Step Retrieval approach, but in this case maximum number of related objects will be 10 by default, and you can set it to 100

Also, you can join tables but in this case, you will get a flat structure like in clasic sql. To join related tables you execute find operation and set the property(not related property) of related table

@sergey.kuk thank you for clarifying. The way it is worded in the docs is confusing.