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Documentation for .Net SDK

(Abraão Caldas) #1

There is any plan to finish/fix the .Net SDK documentation? it seems very incomplete with various non-working examples or not intuitive examples, I´m new to .NET and the documentation (in contrast with parse) is not good.

(Keerthi Raj) #2

Hi Backendless team,

I am an Android developer, developed many application using Parse platform. Now I have migrated to Backendless and its pretty awesome. Now my major concern is that I am developing an application which supports multiplatform.

Documentation for .Net is not sufficient. I am stuck. Please update the document with sample code snippet which will help me as well as others. Its been a very good to develop with Backendless and I hope you guys wont let us down.

Thank you

(Mark Piller) #3

Hi Keerthi,

I agree, the docs for .NET are less than perfect. It is pretty high on our priorities list, however, it is not a quick task. In the meanwhile, since you’re familiar with Java, check out the samples for Android/Java, our APIs between .NET and Java are almost identical.