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I am looking for detailed documents for components in UI Builder, for example I am currently working on Radio Buttons and not sure where to extract a value from it. My logic will be based on if statements, so if option 1 is selected then do “A” but if option 2 is selected then do “B”. Where will I be able to find such documentation?

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Hi Donovan,

@mark-piller has a couple of really good courses about UI builder up on YouTube…

Intro to UI Builder

UI Builder Masterclass

Hello @Donovan_Hardwick

As for radio buttons, you could set value to page data using On Change event of Radio Buttons Group.


Also you could watch a lot of video about UI Builder at our Youtube Channel

There a some playlist:

Regards, Dima

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Thank you @eddie7 & @Dima

I have watched all the playlists but for some other reason I missed the On Change Event tab. I used the On Change Even as you recommended and it works!!.

Thank you again👍

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