Double registrations


Is it possible for you to check why we are receiving double or even triple registrations?
The users report that they click the save button only once but in the data we find the registration double or triple. This happens more often in the last three weeks.

Table registraties


Application ID: 30960D18-DC9C-C94C-FFD9-AECB1619B200

Hi @Michel_Loriaux ,

Among event handlers for that table I found one which creates new entry for registraties table

It is possible that due to this event handler you can get second record.

Also I see a lot of webhooks to Zapier. I think that they may cause periodical appearance of third record.

We are also checking this situation from our side.

Regards, Andriy

Hello @Andriy_Konoz,

Thanks, the event handler is critical for our system so we cannot work without it.
The strange thing is that it does not happen on all the registrations, maybe one out of 50.

Another point is that we are also making dossiers in the dossiers table, and here we also receive double registrations. On dossiers there is a before create event handler.

Both the event handlers are not marked as NON-BLOCKING, can that be a problem?


We have checked this case from our side and found no errors or misbehavior in Backendless logic.
I would suggest you to investigate closer your event handlers and Zapier integration for possible problems.

Also I suggest you do do the following things:

  • add unique constrain to registraties table which will forbid duplication of records.
  • disable “save” button in the client app while save request in progress.

Both the event handlers are not marked as NON-BLOCKING, can that be a problem?

No this only indicates for server that it can continue to handle your request without waiting for response form event handlers.

Regards, Andriy

Thanks @Andriy_Konoz,

How can i add unique contrain to registraties table ?

Hi Michel,

You can do it in the TABLE EDITOR on the SCHEMA tab:


How can i do this?

Hello @Michel_Loriaux,

if you’re using UI Builder for your client application, please use the Disabled State Logic handler for the Button component with necessary conditions:

Otherwise, you can do in the IDE you’re working with.