Double the amount of the $149 package

I was using the $149 plan but now I have to pay $298

If your app is on the scale plan, you can read about the pricing here:


I have read it already
My plan is to use the $149 plan and not pay the daily service fee
Can you check again.!
I really like the $149 daily package and I want it not to be removed from the list

Cloud99 is your current plan . The Analytics screen shows an estimate of what you would have paid if you were on the Scale plan. This is done so you can optimize your app since Cloud99 will be going away next year.


hello @Le_Chi_Hung

You have:

Remaining Balance:	149.00
Backendless Service:	149.00
Total:	298.00
Next Billing Date:	Sat Oct 21 2023
Next Billing Plan:	Cloud 99 - MONTHLY

Currently, your subscription has status Past Due

That is why you see Remaining Balance 149$ So backendless will try to charge 149$ at 21 Sep 2023 9:01 PM CDT.

After that Remaining Balance became 0.

Your subscription became Past Due because we were not able to charge you for the next month

When you use cloud 99 you pay in advance for a month. In the case of Scale plan, you pay as you go and we charge you at the end of the month, or if you change the plan or clone the application or make import