Double value is being rounded to nearest value

I have an order object with a property “rating” which is of type Double. I’ve tried setting it in various ways but no matter what I do it gets saved to backendless as an integer. In my Backendless Data Management screen the field is displayed with the “DOUBLE” identifier but its rounding all the values I send to the nearest integer. Is there a trick to making this work? I initialize my value as 0.0 then later update them.


Hi, Chris.
How do you retrieve objects from the table ? Please show your object structure. What SDK do you use ?

This isn’t about object retrieval, its how Backendless is storing the value. I can’t even type a decimal value directly into the table. It says Double, and will let me enter a value like “2.5” but when I hit enter it gets stored as “2”.

Strangely, I have other fields in the same table defined as Doubles that have no problem accepting decimal values. See attached screenshot for example, the discount applied field will not accept decimla values if I manually enter one and hit enter, while the latitude field accepts doubles fine.

Screenshot 2016-12-05 12.50.40.png

Hi Chris,

I could not reproduce the problem either. Could you please let us know your application ID so we take a look at the discountApplied column?


App ID: 336ADF99-649D-1939-FF97-229D09300100

Mark - Any updates on this?

Hi Chris,
I connected to your app and reproduced the problem, so I’ve created the internal ticket (BKNDLSS-13593) to fix it.
We’ll let you know when it will be done.
Regards, Ilya

Fields created though SDK c#, the double fields always gets rounded to nearest value. What I had to do is, delete those fields and recreate through backendless console


we have fixed your issue, please check it.

ok, but in my case. it’s the backendless pro, bitnami vm. I am evaluating the solution.

For your installation, you can just go to Data->Table Schema and Permissions and switch datatype to INT press save button, then change to DOUBLE and press save. it should fix the problem