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i have developed an app and i am happy with the UI and how it works. i would like to have the app downloadable to Android and IOS cellphones. how do i go about doing that? i have published my app, deployed and invoked. everything is in order and works perfectly fine. now i want the app in both APK and IPA file extensions for Android and IOS phones.

** the app should not be available on any of the app stores, however i want to have the app downloaded to my computer so that i can have distribution control on who can have it / utilize it.


Android Studio allows you to build the APKs you need without uploading to the Google Play Store. If you have a mac, XCode allows you to create the iOS app files but its not as straight forward as Android Studio is since Apple wants you to go through the iTunes / App Store process.

Backendless UI Builder helps you create what you need but doesn’t generate APKs or iOS app files as far as I know. You need to download the files from UI Builder and import them into your app tool (Android Studio / XCode)

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Hi Brewhouse. i have done so accordingly, however i’m getting an error.

what should i do now or where should i start looking?


What @Brewhouse_Digital meant was to download the app created with UI Builder and embed it in a native app. What you downloaded looks like either a project template or something else.

When you publish n app in UI Builder, it creates directories and files which are deployed into the /web directory in the Files section of your Backendless application. To get the app, you need to zip up the contents of the /web directory and that’s the content you will be embedding into a native app. Here’s a video that shows how to do.

When it comes to native apps, you can either build that “wrapper” yourself or use a tool that does it for you. Here’s one I recently learned about: We have not tried it ourselves, but it looks very promising for what you want to do.

Hope this helps.


thank you so much. i have done so accordingly. i am still getting an error

i noticed that i am getting a “400” error. “message” cannot be defined or something. got this now this morning when i started over, deployed and invoked my app again. i dont know where to start looking for the error. everything seems fine and when i preview the app on both desktop and cellphone, it works perfectly fine.

Hello @Rickus_vd_Berg

We will be happy to assist you.
This does not sound like a trivial problem, but we will do what we can to find a resolution.
I need to ask you a few more questions so I can understand the problem better.
Have you zipped the /web directory as Mark advised you or the entire root directory?
Please provide your steps to reproduce this issue.