Downloading an Image (from its global URL) = API Call ?

is the above True ? If yes then on v4 just a list of 10 icons will hit the (Free Package) limit of API per Minute even if the service is used by 6 users only (10 Images = 10 APIs Calls * 6 users = 60 APIs)

Its very very restrictive … I saw some comments saying that the pricing structure was put so that the revenue from customer growth will help in paying for the service charges … but for the above example I don’t think we can even think about beta testing and even if we go to the (Developer Package) … we are talking about (6* 5 ) 30 concurrent users … and the next one Cloud 9 is for (6*10 = 60) concurrent users …

am I missing anything here ?

your calculation is true 10 Images = 10 APIs Calls * 6 users = 60 APIs per minute, so it is more than enough to test your application. in the most cases you can decrease api cals by optimizing your application.

“…in the most cases you can decrease api cals by optimizing your application…”

Would you please tell me How in the above scenario how to do that ?

The Point Im trying to make here is that making an Image Download=API Call is something so much restrictive… I would understand doing optimization on Table Queries type of APIs but not in the above scenario … even in Parse, Image Downloading was not counted part of your API limit. I would assume because it does not really add that much load on the backend compare to the typical DB Queries …

Let me know your view please

Another point please, which of the four Cloud Packages will be the right one to go for when I have like 100 or 200 users scrolling through lists with like 5-10 Images per scrolled screen ?

The way I see it even your highest end one Cloud99 will not be enough for it

If your app is intensive on the file download side, you might consider putting images on a CDN.

Our vision for the free plan is to allow developers experience Backendless. As your app gets traction with users you’d need to go with a paid plan

Hi Mark,

Well I would not say high on the Image download … just small profile Images of users in timeline list … pretty much standard stuff.

Yes I do understand that Free plan is mainly for testing … but Im talking about the Paid plan here I mean the Cloud 99 itself will not be enough for couple of hundreds of users considering a simple scenario …When I look at all other limitations I dont see a big issue and it goes with the growth of the App adoption but I cant say the same thing about the APIs calls limitation … I just want to understand the Logic here , should we actually use the other options ( Pro & Managed) for service Launch ? is this how pricing is structured around ?

The pricing is structured in a way so it grows with your app. The Pro and Managed options is the envisioned progression for the apps that have exhausted the allowed limits with the Cloud edition.

We see multiple apps (the number is in the hundreds) with tens of thousands of active users who continue to run with the Cloud99 plan and have not reached the API limit available on the plan. However, no two apps are the same and there are many design decisions to make which will have a direct impact on the “API chattiness” of your app.

Hope this helps.


… still having my doubt based on the numbers but thanks for highlighting that there are Apps with sizable number of users still within the Cloud 99 limits

Thanks again for the swift reply