Downloading speed is very very slow like 20,30 kbps

Hello i want to know why downloading speed is so so slow in backendless!!

more details - i’m on free plan,when i even try to directly download from backendless file service it gives like 30 40 kbps speed any file no matter what size

please respond

Could you please share an example URL of a file you download so we can compare the speed?

That’s a console link for the file, it will work only for you. Please share the public URL of the file (use the “link” icon of the file

here it is the link

oh i guess i figured it out when i tried the method you said use the public url it getting 500 700kbps and then drops to 300kbps speed but its still slow and the link i given you earlier you said console link for file i m using that for downloading and its giving 10 20 kbps

Your users should never see or use that link.

I can try replicating the issue. I need your app id to do that.


what should i do now please tell me

Click the Manage icon in console.
Copy your application ID and paste it to this topic.


idk but the downloading through consol is super slow for me and downloadin with public url is like 400 700kbps in any browser and i tried in pc with a download manager like IDM then it gave me full speed but in browsers its same speed note this speed with that public url not with consol one im confused lol what is these things

any update??

Hey anyone reply

I tried downloading the file using the console URL and had no issues with the download speed whatsoever. Here’s a video of it:

I have a question for you. Could you explain what these files are? By the look of the names of these files, the content would be violating our terms of service: