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Dropsource gets a build error: Value of type 'Float' has no member 'doubleValue'

I can build my iOS app on Droupsource because of the method PUT of the Backendless API request.
The good Wade from Dropsource send me this screenshot

What are floatValue! and doubleValue! ?

Please, give your App Id. Wich SDK you use? And give more information, this code dont show problem, backendless dont have floatValue! and doubleValue! .

my App id is 9171DE0B-E8E1-389D-FF48-60C0FD002A00
I use Dropsource to build the iOS app and Backendless. No SDK.
I’m sorry but I haven’t more information about this error.

unfortunately we do not support third-party SDK

@Mario_Canevarollo, I believe this question would be better addressed to the Dropsource support and not us. Sounds like the error happens on their side and we have no control over it.


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