Dropsource showing limited data

Hi there.

I am trying to display a large list of data in a dynamic table view in dropsource.
I have connected the API and manage to show the first 10 rows of my data but no more
I am new to backendless and dropsource and was hoping if someone could point me in the right direction


Hello @Franco_Conversano

Please describe the problem in more detail.
What are you doing, what are you expecting to receive, what are you getting, how can you reproduce this behavior?

Apologize for the poor detail.
I am wanting to show a list of items from my data array in backendless in dropsource.
I have linked my GET endpoint to the dynamic list and when I run the app and open to the page I run the API and the items are shown. However the list only provides 10 items and I am needing to show more. Hope this helps

Default pageSize = 10.
You can change this - https://api.backendless.com/<application-id>/<REST-api-key>/data/<table-name>?pageSize=100
Documentation - https://backendless.com/docs/rest/data_data_paging.html

Thanks so much for help Vladimir