Duplicate value on empty table

I’ve been testing inserts into a new table. I deleted all the rows, but I am getting a duplicate value error. I thought there might be a caching issue, but it has been at least 30 mins.

    "code": 1155,
    "message": "Duplicate value '80331709' for column 'OrderNumber'",
    "errorData": {
        "duplicateValue": "80331709",
        "columnName": "OrderNumber"

Hello @Tim_Jones

Does this issue still reproduce for you?

I’m asking because I have successfully created a record in this table, and if an error is still present will be good to know in which way you trying to create a record.

Regards, Dima

@Dima - I resolve the situation. There were duplicate values on a bulk insert due to an error in my code. I should have checked the insert data, instead I thought it was coming back from a caching issue.

Thanks for the support,