Dynamic List Behavior check box missing


I am trying to follow this video

to use the shopping cart api in the video we are supposed to add a block and then check the dynamic list behavior box. I see this in the video but it is not displayed on my block what am i doing wrong?

Thanks for your time.

ok looks like dynamic lists are now called repeaters also business’ logic has been renamed cloud code.

I’d recommend updating the video, even just a 10 insert that says hey, this is backendless from the future we renamed "this " to “this other thing” so when you see us using the “old name” just look for “new name” in ui builder.

not the most elegant solution but faster than reshooting the entire video and much better than updating the vide description or pinning a comment.


Hi @hharrington

We’re glad you found a solution. Thank you for texting us about your experience, we appreciate it. We will consider your suggestion.