Dynamic List not showing under UI Library

To Whom It May Concern,

I’m on the Youtube learning to use the UI Builder for an app I want to create. In the video " First Steps - Developing a Basic App with Database Integration" I’m at the place to use the Dynamic List but it does not show under my UI Library.

Should I’ve activated it somehow?

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Hello @Michael_Boucher,

To enable Dynamic List Behaviour please check this option in the component settings tab.


Hi There,

I feel like such a dumba**. I clicked the cell Dynamic List behaviour and not the container’s one.

Thx for your help.

Michael Boucher

I’m having the same issue but, instead of showing “Dynamic List Behavior” It shows ‘Repeater’. Additionally, I also don’t have Dynamic List added to UI Library.


We have renamed “Dynamic List” to “Repeater” as it better reflects the nature of the behavior. When you select a component as Repeater and assign an id to it, you will get additional codeless blocks in the UI Library section in the LOGIC tab.


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Thank you for the quick response.

I am ~30 minutes into looking at your product to compare with competitors. A simple database app to give the environment a shake. I run into this same issue while following your content from your tutorial videos from your site and I end up spending more time than I have on working with the system trying to find this information.

Suggestion: remove or update incorrect training content. This post is over a year old.

Question 1: can I expect the rest of my experience to follow this path? If so it will be a short experience.

Question 2: are there up to date tutorial videos available?


If a video is not up to date, there is a comment in the video that provides corrected information. Unfortunately, YouTube does not allow adding annotations.


How do you ‘select a component as Repeater and assign an id to it’? I am trying to follow one of the codeless mission videos; the comments there only mention the ‘dynamic lists are now repeaters’ thing and there’s nothing in the video that I can see.

To select a component and assign an ID to it you should be on the “Page Designer” screen and not in the logic.

THANK YOU! It works now.