Dynamic list of radio options aren't recognized as a radio group

I want to create a list of radio options from a data query.

When I output the radio field in a dynamic list, each radio option is selectable (instead of the typical grouped behavior where you can only select one at a time).

When I use a radio group, then the dynamic list just repeats group after group.

Everything seems to be correctly named, but how can I get the proper radio button behavior from my dynamic list?

Hi @Darrell_Estabrook

Everything works well for me with a similar task.
Can you describe steps-to-reproduce?
To solve this problem, you must use the logic of the components (like: on Page Enter, on Change Event for radio, Checked Value Logic). You should to show screenshots of the ‘logic’ so that I can find the problem.

Regard, Viktor

@Darrell_Estabrook I’ve created simple example that can help you

  1. Create this structure

  2. Check the box ‘Dynamic list Behavior’ for Container

  3. In Page logic -> on Page Enter add this logic:

4.In component “Text” add logic:

  1. In component “Radio” add logic:

  2. In same component “Radio” add logic:

Hope this helps

Regard, Viktor

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Thank you for the example, it helped me recreate my situation.

The reason the radios weren’t switching when selected was I didn’t have the “Checked Value Logic” set (I had everything else!). If it’s not present in your example, I get the same problem (even though I also get the pageData set correctly).