Dynamically append fileURL before upload so it doesn't overwrite


How can I dynamically append the fileURL before upload so that users can successfully upload new photos without overwriting?

In my app, as a user I can take a photo and upload the file. But when I take another photo and try to upload it’s either 1.) unsuccessful (when overwriting is disabled) or 2.) overwrites the original file which is not wanted.

My goal is allow users to take and upload multiple photos, and I suspect the fileURL is the same for each upload which is where I am running into the issue. I believe appending the fileURL before upload would fix the issue.

I’m thinking something like the below would resolve the issue but I am stuck on how to make the fileURL dynamically increment/append with each new upload. Any help is appreciated!

Hello @Max_Guilbert

I believe there should be an EventHandler for specifying a file name

Thanks - I wasn’t able to figure out how to make the “File Name Logic” handler work in conjunction with the file upload button, however found a work around based on these two older posts.

- Rename File Before Upload
- Make File Name Unique

Essentially, created a new variable for the file name and added the current time to it to make it unique!