Easy Facebook Login


Can I get the users friends list If I use the easy Facebook Login? If so, how can i do that on backendless?


Hi Jaime!

Could you describe how you get users friends from Facebook?

I think he is referring to user_friends which is a permissions reference with facebook, the following is as described on the facebook docs page: Provides access the list of friends that also use your app. These friends can be found on the friends edge on the user object.

Which SDK do you use?

Thanks for the reply, the Backendless client SDK. As a side question, is there much of a performance time difference with the Facebook SDK vs the backendless client SDK. Thanks

Hi, Leonard,

We need to check the ability of getting users from Facebook. We will notify you as soon as we discover something.
Anyway, there is no much performance difference between Facebook SDK and Backendless easy Facebook login.


Hi, Jaime,

We have checked our SDKs, currently you can not pass permissions.
However it`s a useful feature, we will consider adding it.

Please, specify which BackendlessSDK do you use?


Thanks for the clarification. Cheers.

Hi, Jamie,

Good news, Easy Facebook login now supports permissions.
E.g. in Android SDK you use following method:


public void loginWithFacebook( android.app.Activity context, android.webkit.WebView webView, 
 Map<String, String> facebookFieldsMappings, List<String> permissions, 
 final AsyncCallback<BackendlessUser> responder, boolean stayLoggedIn ) 

Regards, Artur.


It’s been a while since the last time I entered the forum, sorry I did not answer to the previous questions. I downloaded the new SDK, good to see the new changes on Backendless. I’ll try the new features in the easy Facebook login. Thanks.