easyLoginWithFacebook Safari redirect error.

I have been trying to set up easy Facebook Login without the Facebook SDK. When I attempt to sign in, safari opens and presents the facebook login window. After signing in on Facebook, the url is redirected to api.backendless.com where Safari throws the following error. "Safari cannot open the page. The error was : ‘The URL can’t be shown’.
The response id returned from easyLoginWithFacebookFieldsMapping returns true, but the openURL method inside AppDelegate is not being called.
I have added my backendless application ID to the info.plist and I am using the most recent version of the Backendless SDK. I have also added the Facebook app ID / secret to the Backendless console.

Two screen shots of my easyLoginWithFacebookFieldsMapping and AppDelegate implementation.

Please check if info.plist “URL types -> … URL Schemes” option has a true format:


Yes the URL Schemes in my info.plist matches this format with app ID taken from my backendless console.

Figured it out. I wasn’t mapping any properties to one of my required fields in the database. Thank you for the quick reply either way!

So, Balin, is this issue solved?