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Edit a shape (POLYGON) in a data object

Hi Everyone,

Having an odd problem with one of the missions. For the edit shape Polygon mission, I imported the WorldWonders DB, was able to define the column for shape. I defined points for the polygon just around the outside of the colosseum. Saved the shape and the mission did not complete. I erased the polygon and redrew it with the points just inside the shape of the colosseum. No luck getting the mission to complete. Open to ideas about what to modify. Attached a screenshot of current polygon.

Hello @Richard_Goffe,

I assume the mission is not completed because of the Shape column you’ve created with capital letter.
According to the task description the shape column should be lowercased.

Could you please delete the existing Shape column from the WorldWonders table and create a new column named shape? (recreate, but not rename)


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That was exactly the error. Thank you very much for spotting that. Eagle Eyes!


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