Edit the JS / CSS files

Is it possible to modify / fine tune the CSS files and / or the JS files from UI Builder projects ?

Hello @didier-stadelmann

The main goal of UI-Builder is building apps without codding, just using the designer to build UI and Codeless to add logic, however adding the ability to modify/enable external JS/Css files is in our roadmap.

Regards, Vlad


Hi, I know roadmap prioritization sometimes is hard. But for me as a single part-time coder (who want to avoid big frameworks and deployment pipelines) this feature would make the UI builder perfect. It is definitive a buying argument to me. Greetings, Robert

Hi Robert,

We have already added the complete support for custom CSS/LESS in Backendless:


Yes, I saw that. And that is great! I’m pointing more to custom JS. In my case, I would love to add a some third party charts JS scripts (I also saw the chart builder) and something like a rotatable network visualization which I can feed with database objects. Do you plan custom JS?

Regards, Robert

Yes, we’re working on it now. It is not ready yet. Your best option is to use the IFrame component to embed such a visualization from elsewhere.


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