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Email API and Message Status

Im trouble shooting more email issues. I have one customer, with one email that is intermittently being delivered.
When I trace the message ID with the message status API I get
errorMessage: Optional(“Could not find status for message with id: 986DFAF8-BB0A-18ED-FF10-81970CC30000”)
when I check right after sending I get
status: Optional(“SCHEDULED”)
but there doesn’t seem to be anything after Scheduled.

App ID 2FA6F2D8-97BE-F615-FFCC-C2CEDC595F00

We’ll check that behaviour.

We’ve checked. The message changes its status after the email was passed to the smtp.
So, as i asked in another topic, could you create test account for smtp you use? In order we do not interference you during the tests.

For getting email status, you should add mail: prefix to the id.
So the request will look like this:
I know, that it is not clear from the our docs. We’ll change it.