Email Confirmation 404 error


Previously, confirming an email worked perfectly fine but now, the confirmation url takes the user to this page:

Application ID:


Hello, @Innocent_Nwaukwa.
I will make the topic public. Staff only for pro\manager customers.

We investigated your issue.
Perhaps you deleted the web/system folder or some resources inside this folder. Can you check if your app contains web/system or web/template folders?
Additionally, please clarify next question. Are you changed in email template confirmation_url value(maybe you added wrong link)?
Link should look like this:

Best Regards, Nikita

Yup, that’s how ours looks:

Never made any changes too it.
And the templates folder also exists and has everything necessary.
I checked a previous question where the person asking didn’t have the folder but that’s not the case here.


I checked your app and the web/system directory does not seem to exist.

Is there a sample folder I could use to replicate the folder?
Also, I haven’t made any file system modification since the last time it worked; is this normal?

I restored the web\system directory in your app, registered myself as a user, received the email confirmation and when I click the link, I get this:

Could you please check and confirm?


All good now!
Thanks a bunch Mark.