Email confirmation fails

I’m experiencing similar issue to this:

I got email confirmation enabled and have set up a email template with the url.
But when pressing the link I get “{“code”:3051,“message”:“Confirmation failed”}”

BUT, the confirmation works? When I’ve clicked that link and recieved that error message and try to login, it works. So I’m not sure what is failing in this process.

Could you post a screenshot of the user properties screen from your app?

Yes. But I noticed that all the standard html files in “web” directory is gone, probably from the app reset I did. So I would guess that’s the cause? If so, how can I get those files again?

To resolve this problem, you must perform the following steps:

  • create new app and go to file service ->web -> templates;
  • after compress templates folder and download zip file;
  • upload this archive into web folder in your old app and unzip it;
  • re-check email confirmation.
    After these steps confirmation should work correctly.

note: I attached archive with templates from my app.
Hope it will help. (19.81kB)

Thanks Kate!