Email Confirmation Link Marked as Threat

Hi guys,

I’ve being using the email confirmation link provided by Backendless for user registration. However, some users report that the link is marked as a threat/dangerous website and they don’t want to click it because of that. Why does this happen? Is the domain of Backendless marked as threat by some security providers? Thx.

Hi Louis,

This could happen if the link uses the domain. The domain is shared by all applications. There are some malicious users who upload illegal content. Our system detects it and automatically removes the content and blocks the users. Unfortunately, it also happens that google and others detect that content rather quickly and subsequently can mark everything behind the domain as unsafe. This is the background info…

To avoid this problem, you can do is any of the following:

  1. Use a subdomain assigned to your application. You can choose a subdomain on the Manage > App Settings > Custom Domain section of Backendless console.
  2. Assign your own custom domain to your application.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the explanation. I already have a subdomain, how do I make the url to use this subdomain instead of the default one? Cuz the subdomain does not allow file repo access.

Hello @Junwei_Fang

You need to use subdomain to register users. The registration confirmation link will return with the domain with which the registration was made.