Email Confirmation URL

Is there a way to shorten/streamline the registration confirmation email? Looks like on some mobile browsers the link is not functional and the idea of copying and pasting it into the browser is not the most user-friendly approach specially on a smartphone.

Can this link be automatically shortened by URL shortening service and then sent to the user within the registration confirmation email? I am thinking this could be a possible enhancement to the Email Confirmation service within Backendless.

Hi Kam,

Doesn’t the browser show the URL as a clickable link? I’m wondering why would one want to copy/paste it when you can tap/click it?


Hi Mark,

I think some mobile email clients do not render the browser link properly. I am seeing a fair number of folks not confirm their registration. I have also seen unclickable links that show up in some emails I receive from other sources and hence the caveat about copying and pasting the link directly into the browser.

Your default template for email confirmation includes verbiage about copy and pasting the link into a browser if clicking on it doesn’t work. I am just wondering if shortening the link will fix this issue specially on a mobile device since copying and pasting is not very convenient:</img>

Hi @Kam Rezvani,
Please provide any proof of incorrect rendering confirmation URLs and we will fix it.
In regard to shortening URLs - there is no documented way of altering such confirmation behavior.

Hi Artur,

I don’t have an example handy a non-functional URL now but when I see one I be sure to forward it to you.

My thinking is rather publish such a long and unwieldy email confirmation URL, to shorten it using a online service such as:

It is more user-friendly and looks better on the user’s tiny smartphone screen.


Will will consider this feature and notify you about the result. Internal topic id is BKNDLSS-13067.