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Email Delays

We are experiencing cases where emails are delivered after several minutes, sometimes longer. Also, our user registration should result in two emails being sent, but sometimes only one is delivered. Are there any known issues with servers now or is there a suggested way we can test on our end?

Hi Parley

I’ve just tested out email sending functionality via API and also email templates (such as User made registration and Confirmation template). All of the emails are delivered no longer then in 30 seconds.

Are you always facing issue with delays or it started happening recently?

Regards Anton

Also please specify your application id

Regards Anton

Seems to be more recent - maybe after changes made yesterday to Security Roles and data table permissions?

Here is application ID: C535699F-7846-E672-FF7E-945594327700
Attached image of both emails that get sent after user registration at 7:45 pm. Notice large delay on second email. Still waiting ~12 later for other emails sent to other aliases.

Hi Parley

I’ve just connected to your app and tried registering a new user to investigate the cause of delays, but facing trouble with denied permissions for users table. Would you mind if I try testing it further?

We’ve also checked our system for absence of queue of tasks on sending emails and there is no such problem. That means if you will keep getting delays after my investigation - I’d recommend changing SMTP server to default one or any else.

Regards Anton

Hi Anton, we have reset the permissions temporarily so you can hopefully test it further. Please let me know the outcome. Thank you

Any update here? We changed even the email settings to use a different hosted email service and still found the emails to be unreliable. Some come in very fast - others are significantly delayed and a few don’t show up. (especially sending to Microsoft accounts)

Sorry for the rapid fire notes here - just wanted to add that when we use the default server, the emails send really fast and reliable, even to Microsoft accounts. However, this is not an option for us as we need the email address as appearing with our Also, we have a custom coded template that is sent and it doesn’t send (see below message)</img>

Hi Parley

According to your reports, I can make the conclusion that cause of the email delay is not on the Backendless side but on your custom SMTP server.

Regards Ilya

Hi Ilya, thanks for the update.

Is there any specific service that you recommend? We have tried 3 different providers and we keep getting unreliable results.

Have you tried Google’s SMTP?

Regards Anton

We are using Office 365 smtp with success now. Thank you for your help