Email not delivered

I’m sending login confirmation emails via console (for testing) and via the login API.
There are email providers which seem to reject emails sent from without even signalling Spam to the recipient.

Is it possibe to see any error response from those email providers if I’ve sent a test mail via console?


Hi @Klaas_Klever

If you are using system SMTP, all errors can be found in the log file corresponding to a given date. The logging section is on the Files tab. If you are using your own SMTP, no errors are logged at this time. But we have already added this feature and it will be available in the next couple of days.


It seems that the domain is classified as unsafe. Consequently, all emails sent are considered to be Spam or are not even received. Also, Chrome and Google considers this domain as unsafe. This is at least what I’m exeriencing since today.

You can check this here: “Google Transparency Report

Or Screenshot attached:


Sorry for this inconvenience. We have checked this. Indeed, a user created an app in Backendless and uploaded a phishing page to the Backendless File storage. We deleted the application with the phishing content and blocked the developer’s account. We notified Google about the changes on our site and once they verify them, the domain will be cleared from the “deceptive sites” list.

The best way to ensure your application is not impacted by this problem is by adding a custom domain to your application. A custom domain can be registered in Backendless console. You can find the instructions in our documentation. Once a custom domain is deployed, files in your Backendless file storage can be accessed through your own custom domain.


Emails sent from Backendless comes from the domain. That domain is different than the one flagged by google and email delivery is not impacted by the incident with


Ok. Too many bad guys out there. I will go for my own domain. Thanks!