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Email not send via Send Basic Emails API

Sorry for another topic with this title, the other topics didn’t seem to be the solution for me.

  • A custom mail (no template) doesn’t send the mail I request via an API call.
  • I use a custom SMTP server. Test mail was successful and mail templates do work via this SMTP (e.g. Login Confirmation Mail)

–request POST \ --url
–header 'Content-Type: application/json
–header 'user-token: --valid user-token–
–data ‘{
“subject” : “Test”,
“bodyparts” : {
“textmessage” : “Test body”,
“htmlmessage” : “Test HTML body” // Tested without HTML property
“to” : ["–myMailAddress–"],
“attachment” : [" "] // Tested without mentioning the attachment property

Positive response, errorMessage is null, as explained in other topics. The error occurs after the API call is finished. Sending the mail starts later.

Please advise.
Thanks in advance.


Hello @Nik_van_der_Wel

We will investigate this problem.
We have created an internal ticket to resolve this issue
You can reference to it by it’s ID - BKNDLSS-23300


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Hello @Nik_van_der_Wel,

in the Email Settings section, there is a Test button. If you click it, what do you see?
Have you checked the message status after sending an email?

 .then(status => {
 .catch(error => {

where messageId is messageId field from the response on email sending.
What do you see?

Have you also checked spam folder?