Email send via Codeless stays 'in_progress'

Trying to send email with attachement via Codeless component Send Email from Template.
I got response SHCEDULED but my email was not sent.

After a while i checked the message staus agian and all emails stays in status ‘in_progress’. SMTP log is empty.


What could be wrong? Ehy I dont see any error log?

app ID: 3551EF8F-C241-7579-FF0D-45ECE827AF00
Codeless Timer: OrderConfirmationTimer


Problem happened only if I use attachement, see my screenshot. I want to put multiple attachement files as a list.

Thank you.

Hello @Martin_Krajcir1

Thanks for reporting this, we are looking into it.
Could you please clarify what type/kind of file you use?

Regards, Vlad

I use file reference form my data table. File type is PDF. I found that reference to a file is full https path. How can I trim path in codeless to get only relative path for a file folder?

I found feature Custom Code component, so i write small relative path function there.

This is solution for my case. But more SMTP logs will be helpfull to debug situation like this in case the attachement has wrong format.

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I agree with you, I just created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-27729 to discuss this improvement


@vladimir-upirov Also if file does not exists it should send email without that attachement. Now does not send email and does not log any error.

thanks, I just added this suggestion to the ticket