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Email settings not saving new password

Saving new password in Backend > App Settings, email tab. New password is not saved when refreshing after clicking Saved.

Please let us know the password in the following format so we will check in the database:


where “X” are the first and last letters.

c & 4

I also tried to change the from address to have a capital T at the beginning but on refresh, it did not save.

Thanks, Mark

What all is it for? There are 3 in the system

Password was changed at domain source so needed to be changed for smtp to work.

typo… what app is it for?

No app. Setting up SMTP to allow From: in emails going out. 04.14.2021-14.42.16

Your question makes me wonder about the mobile tab.

Goodness… :slight_smile: What backendless app are you configuring SMTP for? I need either app ID or app name so I can check on the backend of things

Hi Mark,

I use Google Workspace for my emails. Was configuring SMTP’s so it would show on emails going out (email verification etc).

The password stored in the database is


When I click on ‘show password’ it does not show the correct password. I do a test and it fails.
I then change the password. Save, do a test and it works.
I then refresh the page. And the password reverts back the original and test fails again.

The password is never fetched from the server. What you see in the field is what the browser remembered. Try to do the same thing using the Incognito mode of the browser.

I see. The confusion comes about if I go to the page and click ‘test’ without doing anything else. It has cached the old password and the test fails even though the new one is saved. Tks. Good to know.