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Email settings - password missing


I had an Issue with SMTP email settings. I found that my password was removed from Email settings and the password field is emapty.

I used SMTP for more than 3months.
This email integration is very important for my customers, they missed important notifications.

How could this happend?

Thank you.

Hello @Martin_Krajcir1

The server doesn’t send the field to the client for security reason

Why do you think you password is removed?
Have you tried to input your current password and click at the TEST button?

Regards, Vlad

Hello @vladimir-upirov

the SMTP connection stopped working from my app.

When I input password again, and try test button, my app start sending via SMTP.
After a while it stops working again.

Could you please provide you appId, and we will investigate the issue.

here it is


We just checked sending emails using custom SMTP and there is no issues from our side.

When it doesn’t work, which error do you receive?

Look what I found on delayed email in header.

I tried to send the notification email yesterday before 21:22 (CET). Usually, I got a copy immediately.
And yesterday when I did not get the copy I tried to set up a new password before 21:26. After that at 21:26 I got a copy of the email.

See attached screen. Could it be caused by GMail delay?

Thank you.

4 minutes seems like a possible delay

OK, we can close the ticket now.
I will let you know with more detail if this problem happens again with longer delay.

Hello @vladimir-upirov,

today we found another undelivered email issue form our app.
Issue happened at 03/02/2021 14:32:03. Could you plese check your log for our app id 3551EF8F-C241-7579-FF0D-45ECE827AF00?

Thank you for any info.

Hi Martin,

Does your smtp server maintain a log by any chance?


Hi @mark-piller I ask my smtp provider to check the logs. I am waiting for response.
The 1st level support does not know anything about unavailable service.

Hello @mark-piller my SMTP service provider did not find any unavialable service for yesterday.
I found in Backendless log following

2021-03-02 13:32:05,725 | Global logger | ERROR | Send custom template ‘Confirm Retailer Registration’ for ‘’ was failed : Couldn’t connect to host, port:, 465; timeout 10000
2021-03-02 13:32:05,798 | Global logger | ERROR | Result of sending messages using the template ‘Confirm Retailer Registration’ totalCount/failedCount:1/1 : Failed emails:

Did you found someting on your side?

Hi Martin,

The following explains it:

The mail server was not available and we could not connect to it.