Email SMTP errors

Good morning, Yesterday i started getting emails stating “error occurred during email sending…”
could not connect to SMTP host.

I just checked the settings and was able to login to outlook using the credentials but in the control panel i’m getting the same error
Could not connect to SMTP host: XXXX, port: 465

This has been setup for years now and as far as I know nothing changed on my email servers end.


Hi, @robert-j

I was not able to reproduce the issue. We did not change anything on our end. I was able to send email via the previously setup gmail SMTP host. I configured the outlook SMTP host and it works fine too. The credentials I used to connect outlook:

Please try testing your outlook password via the Backendless console and change the port number.


It seems to be back up and running now. It was down for about 36 hours though over the weekend.

Did you raise this issue with Microsoft?

it was my email server through hostmonster. I used outlook to test the account, which was working while Backendless was giving me the error.

Something was rejecting our connections. There is very little we can do when the other side doesn’t accept an incoming socket connection.

is it coming from I see if i can get it on the whitelist

No, it would be one of our backend servers. is the console’s server.

It’s not working again.

Try this (or anything similar) to see if the problem is with the SMTP server:

Here’s another one: