Email Template with attachments

I am working on an email template and a custom java api call. I have successfully created a template and tested it in the console, so I’ve been reading the email template documentation on creating the java API code. However, I cannot find in the API or in the documentation a way to include an attachment. I see it available when sending basic emails, but not anything with templates. Is this correct? Or is there a sample I can see on how to add an attachment to the code to supply to the template?



Hi Mark,

You are correct, the API to send emails from a template does not support attachments at the moment. We will add them to our roadmap.


Thanks, looking forward to it!

The internal ticket for reference is BKNDLSS-23021

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Hello @vladimir-upirov do you have any date when will be this feature available? I also looking for a solution to attach file in email from template. Thanks for any info.

Hello, @Martin_Krajcir1.

This feature in our roadmap. We will discuss with the team the possibility of increasing its priority

Regards, Nikita.

bump, checking on the status.

Hi Robert,

The issue has been fixed. I apologize for not informing you here, somehow things fell through the cracks.



Is this across the SDKs?
Can we get updated docs in regards to this or and example here.


@robert-j , I apologize, I got this mixed up with another improvement. Unfortunately, this is not done yet, but I will raise the priority for this issue.