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Email Template with attachments

I am working on an email template and a custom java api call. I have successfully created a template and tested it in the console, so I’ve been reading the email template documentation on creating the java API code. However, I cannot find in the API or in the documentation a way to include an attachment. I see it available when sending basic emails, but not anything with templates. Is this correct? Or is there a sample I can see on how to add an attachment to the code to supply to the template?



Hi Mark,

You are correct, the API to send emails from a template does not support attachments at the moment. We will add them to our roadmap.


Thanks, looking forward to it!

The internal ticket for reference is BKNDLSS-23021

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Hello @vladimir-upirov do you have any date when will be this feature available? I also looking for a solution to attach file in email from template. Thanks for any info.

Hello, @Martin_Krajcir1.

This feature in our roadmap. We will discuss with the team the possibility of increasing its priority

Regards, Nikita.