Email tracking

Hi, I found this description at the website when I was looking for a email tracking (“every email sent is easy tracked in Backendless Analytics”.

  1. How to check the amount of emails going out for Welcome, registrations, passwords recovery, etc?
  2. How to check if the emails sent where delivered, opened, clicked ?

Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 12.07.28

Thanks, Mario

We do not provide any email tracking capabilities out of the box, however, you can use API analytics for that purpose:

You will have as many registration and welcome emails as the number of the user registration API which you can check on the Manage > Analytics > API Calls screen:

As for the password recovery, it will be the Restore API call:

We do not provide that tracking option. You can configure an email delivery service in Backendless such as mailchimp, sendgrid, etc and use their tracking capability for that.


I found a solution with an integration with SendGrid and a webhook.

  1. First send the email using SendGrid (not directly with backendless) because I need the message_ID.
  2. With the Webhook, I’m waiting the user to open the email. As soon as he open I received the situation with the message_ID to find what email was opened.

If someone needs help with the code just ask. Thanks