Empty data retrieved

Why i receive Empty dataCollection although i have data in the backend

I attached the code and the backendless data structure

It always toasts “Data retrieved correctly but list is empty”.

What does the Center class look like?

The center class is the main and the Speciality class is related to “specialities” column in the center class

As the user check a specific checkbox one of the Speciality columns become true

Thanks for your fast reply…

Try changing the name of the private fields to match the names of the columns.

It didn’t work either :frowning:

Set a breakpoint and check in the debugger what the foundCenters variable contains.

I deleted my class from the Backendless Console then added it from the app itself to add its properties automatically to have no conflict when retriving the data…

I finally got objects in the list and the list length is the number of objects i already have in the console

So it worked but i still don’t know how to capture the data retrieved and make use of it (set its data to my objects).

handleResponse is the callback when you can get the data which comes back from the server. Making use of it seems like a general task in Java (not specific to Backendless).

I know that
I already stored the retrieved response as a List of centers then i declared a new instance of Center
but i stopped at the point that i want to set my variables to the retrieved objects properties…
List<Center> centerList = response.getData();
for(Center center : centerList){

N.B. setCenterName(String centerName)

The “center” object is what you received from the server. Why are you trying to set the center name when your goal is to retrieve the value?