Empty database entries

We are running on Cloud 99.
I can see that today hundreds of blank database entries have been created.
They all have identical timestamps.
They have no data in them and the ownerId is empty as well.

How could these have been created?

Hello @Tony_Goodchild ,

Can you provide your Application ID and the name of the table where the records were created so we can take a closer look at your issue?

Regards, Nazar

It is the posts table in 1CC45A57-C004-3CDE-FFEA-1616FA9BFE00

I’m also unable to delete them as I can’t query for them.
If I query on ownerId=“” it reports an invalid clause.

Hello @Tony_Goodchild

I think It was created by some cycle in logic. And this logic ran every 2 hours.
It started on the 09/06/2022 17:22:24
To delete it you should use SQL search

I advise you to add more properties to this query. Properties that combine all such entries. Like …AND type IS NULL AND ownerId IS NULL