Enabling/Disabling certain email templates doesn't save

I’m trying to disable certain email events like user registration and login, but when I select “Do not send email for the event”, my changes don’t get saved.

In fact, somehow the “User requests password recovery” option got disabled, and now I can’t enable it again. I’m making sure to click ‘Save’ after I make the change.

Please advise.

You do not need to click Save. When you select the checkbox right next to the drop-down list, it saves automatically. I just tried and it works from here. Here’s a video showing how I verified that it is working:


I made a video too :slight_smile:

You can see that my selection just won’t save…


Thanks for video, it is helpful to see it. Would it be possible to do another one with the Network tab of Chrome console open so I can see the requests being made?

Hope it helps…


Do you have several versions in your app?

Hello - yes I have 3 versions.

Thanks! We were able to reproduce the problem, it is related to having multiple versions. This is the reason it worked for me - I had only one in that app. We’re working on a fix.


Could you try it again?

It works! Thanks for your assistance…