err.statusCode is UNDEFINED (JavaScript)


I have one more problem. I use the login and registration functions to register or login as a user. Basically it works and I get nice Error Messages, when i enter some info wrong, but, i do not get the Error Code.

In your Docu, you write, that the message / error code can be retrieved by:


err.message works (i get the message), but err.statusCode is ALWAYS “undefined”.

I use the latest version of your API.

Is this a Bug?


Hi Pawel,

Have you tried checking in the debugger what you get back from the server?


Hi Mark,

yes, this is what i see in the console, when i do:

function gotError( err ) {



It seems, that the err variable contains just the string and is not really an object (otherwise chrome would show me some expand / drill down options).

Any idea what could be wrong?

You can find my script here:

Many thanks in advance!


HI Pawel,

I believe the property name is errorCode (need to correct it in our docs). You can confirm it with the following code:
console.log( JSON.stringify( err ) );

Could you please check and confirm?


Hi Mark!
sorry, forgot to stringify :slight_smile: Seems that the right poroperty is called “code” :wink:

Here the output:

{“status”:400,“headers”:{“content-type”:“application/json”},“message”:“Unable to register user. Missing required property value for ‘password’”,“code”:3041}

Many thanks! :slight_smile: