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Error 1110 - Saving object failed due to incorrect datetime value specified


I have an issue saving a new record that includes a DateTime column.

My code:

Date tiempo = new Date(System.currentTimeMillis());
BDRondas nuevoRegistroRonda = new BDRondas();

Backendless.Data.of(BDRondas.class).save(nuevoRegistroRonda, new AsyncCallback<BDRondas>() {

When I execute it I received the following error message:

code: ‘1110’, message: ‘Column ‘Duracion’ specified twice’, detail: ‘Column ‘Duracion’ specified twice’, extendedData: ‘{}’

Please find below a screenshot including the parameters values:

Thank you in advance for your help


PS: Application ID: 02B9EC69-EECD-7DC3-FF4B-E48D8CAA4800

I’ve managed to reproduce the error.
The inner task was created [BKNDLSS-23340].
We’ll post here when it is fixed.

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