Error 400 The API request has been rejected because it requires scaling for processing

Hi there im developing my app and it just got blocked for scalling.

can you please check because its only me acessing the app, from my phone for testing.

thanks in advance

Does your phone receive new ip addresses frequently?

hi oleg i think so yes. because of the service provider unfortunatly.

I also use my ios tablet, so that i can teste the app on both types of systems

That is the cause of the problem, i think.
Try to test over wifi without frequently changed ip address.

Ok ill try and be more alert about my IP.

But my app is still blocked itany way to unbloque it. so i can continue to work.?

Anyway you can help wih this matter

Hi @Tchisole_Santos !

Please, check your app now.

Hi Yuri
Still blocked. Unfortunately

Still not opening unfortunately

Hi @Tchisole_Santos ,

Could you please check your app now?

Regards, Andriy

Hi there
Just check it
Yes it’s working now. Thank you so much