Error 5050 when trying to create user

Backendless Version (3.x / 5.x, Online / Managed / Pro )


Client SDK (REST / Android / Objective-C / Swift / JS )


Application ID


Expected Behavior

New user account shoud be created when the data string specified below is sent to the backendless server.

Actual Behavior

Please see below for log output:

Jun 15 09:48:52.834 *** Begin debug table print ***
table: 0x6000026106c0 {
[password] => “rrrrrrr”
[name] => “wfewfefe”
Jun 15 09:48:52.835 [usernameDisplay] => “wfewfefe”
[numberOfConstructedLevels] => 0
[email] => ""

                *** End debug table print ***
                ********* URI:
                ********* JSON: {"password":"rrrrrrr","name":"wfewfefe","usernameDisplay":"wfewfefe","numberOfConstructedLevels":0,"email":""}

Jun 15 09:48:54.254 *** Begin debug table print ***
table: 0x60000261f880 {
Jun 15 09:48:54.254 [errorCode] => “5050”
[error] => true
[response] => table: 0x60000261f880 {

                *** End debug table print ***

Hi exodeveloper

Accrording to the error code 5050 -

Unable to complete operation. Backend application is not properly configured. Contact the application developer and report a problem with Email Configuration

so, check your SMTP configuration

the whole list of error codes you can find here:

Also, I can see that you’ve got a “BeforeUserRegister” EventHandler, could you check logic there or try to just disable the handler

Regards, Vlad


I already saw what 5050 means but I have not changed anything in the configuration (or the app code) for a very long time now. This exact setup was working previously and I have not changed anything since then. I also tried to disable the trigger but it did not help.

Can you see any information about the failed signup call in your internal logfiles? I really have no idea where to begin…

EDIT: I can read/write data in the other tables so I know that my connection to Backendless works.

EDIT: Disabled “Require Email Confirmation” and it worked. Now checking with my mailserver provider to see what’s wrong.


You may try to find out the reason of error you are getting by testing connection with smtp server in Backendless console:

If you are not getting a green “Success” popup - there’s a problem connecting to smtp you specified. The error message itself will give you a hint to the reason of the failure. Hope it helps