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Error 8002 when register via rest api

I got an error 8002 when I tried register via rest api
the document says that this is related to request with message:% s, but I don’t know what’s wrong.

Application ID: 5B75038B-CF13-4B09-AB38-4BCF5E7002

now it works. I don’t know why it happened.
when I use it works well


but when i put it does not work


Can you help me. Thanks

Please provide a curl example of a request for when it doesn’t work.


Hai @mark-piller

This my backendless api.
This is only for testing, not production
Application ID for testting: 2868EB18-3927-FE83-FF6D-2A36BA926

Application ID for production: 5B75038B-CF13-4B09-AB38-4BCF5E700

Remove /data/ from the URL.

See the API doc for details:


My bad. i am not carefully. Thanks @mark-piller