Error by your Application - Send Message Failed


More and more often I am receiving error messages for the ‘Email Confirmation’ for new users that I have set up. The ‘Exception’ in the email is always blank.

What I generally due to is compare my sent outlook emails with new registrations and I can see what email has not sent…and then I manually send one using the resend API. A bit of a pain, and really, I should be fixing the underlying issue.

And today for the first time I got one for a ‘Password Reset’ email request…there is no way I can figure out who requested it, so this is more critical.

How do I troubleshoot what is driving these errors? The emails have no detail and really, if they work for some new users, should they not work for all?


Hi @Paul_McCullen

I’m so sorry to hear that, It seems like a bug on our side.
Could you please:

  1. provide your AppId
  2. forward an email with an empty Exception to
  3. perhaps you’ve got any additional details which could help us to reproduce the issue

Regards, Vlad

Hi Vlad

Thanks; it is BeepTraining

I just flicked across the latest email. I don’t have anything to add, I will take more notice from now on but really, it just happens randomly…perhaps it is the type of email address. I will pay more attention.


Hello @Paul_McCullen,

I’m sorry you faced this issue.
I was able to reproduce it in your app.
I’ve checked emails with using both Backendless SMTP (no problems occurred here) and custom SMTP from your app and it seems the issue comes from your SMTP Server.
I can advise you to check your SMTP Server configuration but unfortunately cannot provide more help here.