Error Code 6007 returned when requesting a file

The following is being returned when a file is requested from public URL’s generated from the 4.0 dashboard.

{“code”: 6007,“message”: “The specified resource was not found”}

The App ID is: 2D7A90CF-1EF4-11A4-FF49-84D0177DA900

Everything has been working fine. Please advise.

Many thanks


This is super important to resolve as this is impacting our customers on our paid application. Please anyone from Backendless able to support?

Hi Steven,

Apologies for the delay, the internal task has already been created. The fix is expected to be done tomorrow or the day after.

Thank you Sergey for the update. We can work with that and await confirmation.

Hi please could you advise when the fix can be applied. This is impacting our users because documents are retrieved from Backendless. Many thanks.

Hello, this fix will be available for an hour. I will additionaly notify you.

Hi Sergey

Did you try messaging me yesterday as I don’t appear to have received anything from you? Just wanted to check which channel of communication you were using. Thanks.


Hello, Steven

we have fixed issue with files, please check with your application. Sorry for the delay.

Perfecto! Just tested and all is working. Thank you.