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Error creating user during installation

(Roy N.) #1

At the end of the installation process, I received the message box stating the following:


Error creating a new user. Please, try it with the registration form at:

(Roy N.) #2

I tried to register the new user by entering in the browser, entered the required user info,. I entered the same user info as I did from the installation program and got the error that the user already exists?

I assume this is registering the new user only with the backendless standalone and not the cloud backendless version.

(Roy N.) #3

I added another email address and it said it was successful registering the user.

(Mark Piller) #4

Installer creates the first user. You should be able to login with email address/password entered during the installation.

(Roy N.) #5

When I said I had to enter another email address at the registration page, this was due to not being able to reuse the same one I use on the first dialog (Create developer) of the installation application

(Mark Piller) #6

Why were you not able to reuse it?

(Roy N.) #7

I agree, I should have been able to reuse it. The registration page gave me the error.

(Mark Piller) #8

It gave you the error saying the user already exists for the reason that user has been created by the installer.

(Roy N.) #9

My point I believe is that the installer pointed me to the registration page because it said it couldn’t create a new user.

(Mark Piller) #10

Are you sure the installer pointed you to the registration page? The installer should open the login page.

(Roy N.) #11

Yes, I am sure. It was my first error stated at the top of this problem report.

(Roy N.) #12

I uninstalled my first installation of Backendless Standalone for Windows without any problems.

I then rebooted and started the installer again. I again received this same error. This is my 2nd time that I have been given this error during the install.

(Skyborg) #13

I have the same error under linux. (centos)

sometime after 2 minutes i can see an error in the top right: server unavailiable, but all services are running.
but the users will be registered.
i can login, but cant create applications --> server unavailiable

(Sergey Chupov) #14

Could you please provide any logs?

They are located in <installdir>/apps/backendless/logs

(Anatolii Stepaniuk) #15

Hi, Roy
Please send us your logs concerning this problem to
The logs are located at <installdir>/apps/backendless/logs

(Roy N.) #16

I will try and find these logs and send them to you later today.

Similar logs but for a different version of Windows were sent for problem which may help in the mean time: Error creating user during installation - Windows 10 Pro x64

(Roy N.) #17

Here are my log files. I’m not sure if these have already been sent to you or not. Sorry it took me a while to find these files.

be_logs.7z.txt (9.3kB)

backendless_logs.7z.txt (50.41kB)

(Roy N.) #18

I’m currently installing Backendless Standalone 3.0.18 for Windows on Windows 7 Ultimate (x64). I’ll send the logs when I’m finished.

(Roy N.) #19

I received the error msgbox with “Error stopping service Taskmanager”

(Roy N.) #20

Attachment of error dialog stating that the user couldn’t be created.