Error creating user during installation

At the end of the installation process, I received the message box stating the following:


Error creating a new user. Please, try it with the registration form at:

I tried to register the new user by entering in the browser, entered the required user info,. I entered the same user info as I did from the installation program and got the error that the user already exists?

I assume this is registering the new user only with the backendless standalone and not the cloud backendless version.

I added another email address and it said it was successful registering the user.

Installer creates the first user. You should be able to login with email address/password entered during the installation.

When I said I had to enter another email address at the registration page, this was due to not being able to reuse the same one I use on the first dialog (Create developer) of the installation application

Why were you not able to reuse it?

I agree, I should have been able to reuse it. The registration page gave me the error.

It gave you the error saying the user already exists for the reason that user has been created by the installer.

My point I believe is that the installer pointed me to the registration page because it said it couldn’t create a new user.

Are you sure the installer pointed you to the registration page? The installer should open the login page.

Yes, I am sure. It was my first error stated at the top of this problem report.

I uninstalled my first installation of Backendless Standalone for Windows without any problems.

I then rebooted and started the installer again. I again received this same error. This is my 2nd time that I have been given this error during the install.

I have the same error under linux. (centos)

sometime after 2 minutes i can see an error in the top right: server unavailiable, but all services are running.
but the users will be registered.
i can login, but cant create applications --> server unavailiable

Could you please provide any logs?

They are located in <installdir>/apps/backendless/logs

Hi, Roy
Please send us your logs concerning this problem to
The logs are located at <installdir>/apps/backendless/logs

I will try and find these logs and send them to you later today.

Similar logs but for a different version of Windows were sent for problem which may help in the mean time: Error creating user during installation - Windows 10 Pro x64

Here are my log files. I’m not sure if these have already been sent to you or not. Sorry it took me a while to find these files.

be_logs.7z.txt (9.3kB)

backendless_logs.7z.txt (50.41kB)

I’m currently installing Backendless Standalone 3.0.18 for Windows on Windows 7 Ultimate (x64). I’ll send the logs when I’m finished.

I received the error msgbox with “Error stopping service Taskmanager”

Attachment of error dialog stating that the user couldn’t be created.