Error Econnrefused

Hello everyone,
please, does anyone know how to solve the following error when I try to test my API with curl command?

“code”: 0,
“message”: “connect ECONNREFUSED”

I’m using the backendless web interface for development and my code is deployed into backendless cloud, but every time I try to call my api by means of the curl command available from the web interface, the error above occurs.

My Application ID is 9A8840F6-21C1-AD93-FFF3-848F7C627100

Here’s is a screen of the curl command interface

Everything was working fine until the last time I used it :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure it is something I’m doing wrong by my self but I can’t understand what it really is.

Many thanks

Solved, so sorry guys, I got it, the issue was on my code. Thanks again

Can you please help me, i am facing the same error while running automation script. How did you solve it?